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Data science is a hot topic and a catchy phrase but it is rarely done well. Great data science provides insights that helps associates and clients achieve their real estate goals. are actionable rather than a lot of charts and graphs that glaze people eyes over.

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Strategic Pricing

The JB Advantage Sales Timing Analysis goes a long way towrds establishing a comfort level and confidence in sellers as to your price strategy which changes based on the market conditions but is always apparent in our reports.

Instant Expert

Our instant expert report is customized for over 100 towns in New Jersey. From it our team has hyper local analytic insights including Neighborhoods, Sub-Divisions, Developments, School Districts and is  beyond what is available elsewhere making us the expert.

Market Timing Analysis

Knowing what is the optimal price to begin marketing is a skill that can be achieved faster and then presented more effectively with JB Advantage.

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Coaching Associates

Every Associate has strenghts and weaknesses. Some are clear and others not so obvious. JB Advantage provide a docier for associates which brings to light what to foucs on to drive careers forward.

Compelling Presentation Material

Presentations are  more powerful when they include relevant data. JB Advantage has relevant data that is not available elsewhere. 

This superior understanding helps establish you ability to be the Realtor of choice.

Expired Listings Made Easy

In addition to identifying expired listings, JB Advantage offers isnsights which can help to determine why a property expired and what could be done to get the property sold.

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Up and Coming Areas Identified

Stories are powerful for communicating and persuading. Through JB Advantage insightful market stories become apparent and are fantastic for Malings, Blogs, Social Media, Print Advertising and Events.

Buyer Education & Coaching

By looking at communities in terms of neighborhoods, sub-divisions, developments, school districts, and more rather than just the town as a whole it is much easier for buyers to understand markets and make more informed decisions.

Powerful Marketing Insights

Identify markets where there is Pent Up Demand or is to sell, buyers need to be caught as they come on the market. 
What do you do if you need to Attract Buyers who aren't thinking of looking where your property is.