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Looking to Buy Real Estate and have your big break at the same time?

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Rich Mair who is one heck of a charismatic person is a dedicated professional who cares and also happens to have a background in front of the camera as an actor who you may have seen in commercials.

There is a tv show we can't name but we think if you like real estate tv it would be familiar. The show would love to feature Rich with some clients who are looking for real.

This is for you if you are genuinely interested in purchasing a home and would like to work with Rich while the whole process is being filmed to be featured in an upcoming episode. We make no guarantee that the show will air or if the producers will pick you and Rich to feature but it is a pretty good chance.

Contact Rich at 973-736-1600 for details. We would love to help you find real estate and have your big break at the same time.

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