We take the way we treat our team seriously!

Our function is to Envision, Empower and Energize the JB team to reach potential in a dynamic, supportive, interested and capable environment.


Limos in Vegas

We're Not Kidding

When our team members make the effort to join us at National conferences, we go the extra mile to make the experience an amazing one!



Start Standing Out

Whether it is the Top Producers feast pictured above or a lobster buffet at The Manor, we love to recognize great effort and results in meaningful ways.


We Work as as Team

Grow & Succeed

Nobody in our company is an island who has to work alone. We embrace a team atmosphere and take pride in going out of our way to work as a team to capitalize on our varied strengths for the success of our individuals careers.


Food and Coffee Make A Difference

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In our offices we always have snacks, food and coffee available. Every Friday morning we have a bagel breakfast and to keep things interesting we find some pretty great treats to eat. Lately our thing has been gourmet premium potato chips.


Food Truck Friday

Grow & Succeed

Every now and then we surprise our team and bring in a food truck or ice cream truck and treat everyone. Sometimes we announce it in advance and sometimes we don't. You just never know what we're going to do to make things exciting.


We Support Where We Serve

We Mean Business

It is never surprising to see our name on the back of uniforms, at charity events, community events as we love to support where we serve.


We Strive To Make Our Founder Proud

Start Standing Out

Jordan Baris founded our firm as a young man in 1952 and did a remarkable job building a formidable organization while maintaining a reputation as being "The class act of the industry". Today, Ken Baris and the JB Team  works diligently to honor Mr. Baris by representing ourselves in a manner in which he would be proud.