We believe in being a great partner with our associates and have a Support Team

Ken Baris.png

Ken Baris


An industry dynamo, Ken is the visionary leader of our dynamic and growing firm. While he is a busy person, he always finds time to be there for the JB Team.

Carol Abdo

Director of Operations & Referrals
Branch Manager Livingston

In the dictionary under the word Capable could be - Carol Abdo who has an extraordinary depth and breadth of business knowledge and a warm style making her a respected leader.

Carol Abdo.png
Blossom Vernon.png

Blossom Vernon

Senior Vice President
West Orange Branch Manager

Described as a "Force of Nature", Blossom is a driver who has her teams back. Her reputation is known far and wide as one of the industry greats.

Bruce Marcus

Talent Engagement Director

Patient, interested, putting others first are some of the attributes that make Bruce the ideal person to speak with about a real estate career. His no pressure style make conversations easy.

Carol Maslin.png

Carol Maslin

Director of Training & Career Development

Carol cares and the effort she puts into constantly assessing and improving the JB education curriculum makes a tremendous difference in the careers of our team.

Mitch Chiger

Livingston Branch Manager

A seasoned veteran who knows the brokerage industry, Mitch is more than happy to answer questions, make suggestions and as an added bonus he knows a whole lot about construction and eagerly shares with the team.

Mitch Chiger.png
Pam Taylor.png

Pamela Taylor

REO Services Director

Goldmans Sach's loss was our gain when years ago, Pam decided to take control of her Executive career and jump into real estate and she hasn't looked back. As the link between JB and Fannie Mae among many other corporate relationships we are proud to have Pam represent us to major institutional clients.

Ellen Quentzel

Director of Commercial Sales & Leasing

Ellen knows NJ and is a prominent factor in the commercial brokerage scene. As a resource she is more than willing to sit down and review commercial brokerage with those who ask.

Ellen Quentzel.png

Linda O'Connell

Listing Coordinator

Everybody loves Linda. She is the first person many of our clients speak to on the phone or see upon entering our headquarters. It means so much to us how often people make a special effort to let us know how much they enjoyed their interaction with Linda.

Ali Joachim

Relocation Coordinator

Ali stays in constant contact with Relocation Coordinators for the referrals we place industry wide and keeps our Associates up to date with how their referrals are proceeding. Ali's warm style helps us receive incoming referrals as well.

Ali Joachim.png
Lisa Moleski.png

Lisa Moleski

Director of Accounting

A great person to know...Lisa writes the commission checks and man is she busy! She also makes sure files are compliant and helps our team understand what they need to have complete files.

Nick Garcia

Transaction Coordinator

We don't think that Nick has ever said no to a request for assistance from our team. As the father of triplets, this is a man who knows how to multi-task and can handle pressure!

Nick Garcia.png